SGL receives funds to develop an innovative carbon fiber for thermoplastic applications (21.07.2015)

The research project linked to the funding, by the name of MAI CaFeE (Carbon Fiber with enhanced Elongation), was launched back in April this year and will run until June 2017. Goal of this research project is the development of a carbon fiber with significantly increased elongation and an optimized surface structure adapted to the existing sizing system. Developments of the MAI polymer project, one of SGL Group’s existing projects in the leading-edge cluster MAI Carbon, can be used as a basis for the MAI CaFeE project.

The total funding for this project of €2.9 million has been allocated as part of the BMBF’s Leading-Edge Cluster funding program, in which, as one of fifteen technology networks in the Germany-wide initiative, leading-edge cluster MAI Carbon (Munich, Augsburg and Ingolstadt) supports promising projects for the development of carbon-fiber composites. The funding agreement for SGL Group was delivered in person by the Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMBF, Stefan Müller, at the SGL site in Meitingen in the presence of Hansjörg Durz, the region’s current member of the German Bundestag.

Close collaboration with project partners University of Augsburg and BMW Group

The MAI CaFeE research project under the management of SGL Group is also being promoted by the two project partners, the University of Augsburg and the BMW Group. For example, the Chair for Experimental Physics II at the University of Augsburg will assist in analyzing the structure and properties of the new fiber as it is being developed by SGL Group. To guarantee a timely test in a surrounding close to the final application, the newly developed carbon fiber will be tested by the BMW Group.

Thermoplastics with many advantages in application and processing

Thermoplastic fiber composites as a new type of material class offer several new opportunities for the application and processing of carbon fiber materials. They enable, for example, shorter cycle times, weldability, reparability and re-use, thereby offering the customer cost and processing benefits.

Источник:JEC Composites

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