MAUST: Carbon gangways (20.08.2015)

Taking carbon gangways to a whole new level, making them lighter and thinner than ever before. Over two years of experiences with carbon fiber and over twenty years in sales give them the Know How about how to produce and sell such a High Quality gangway.

As they believe that everyone can be successful if he is just doing what he loves to do, they would be pleased if this campaign gets funded so their dreams can become reality.

MAUST's Benefits:

How the funds will help them: Those funds will get them the fundamental resources for the needed molds, few prototypes and the start of production. An experienced partner company will provide them the workspace and tools at the beginning so their expenses will be focused on material costs.

Their goal is to build the first removable folding carbon gangway with an hydraulic system, so it can be removed/switched from a boat with hydraulic system to on one without it, till end of 2018.

To successfully launch their project they need a total of 16.000€:

  • 1000€ will be spent for carbon fiber at first,
  • 2500€ for molds and master,
  • 2500€ for other materials: Gel-coat, Resin, Vacuum material, Anti skid coating,..
  • 2000€ for unexpected costs,
  • the rest is going for Perks and additional fees.


Источник:JEC Composites

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