Synthesis of polyacrylonitrile copolymers as potential carbon fibre precursors in CO2(09.02.2015)

Binary and ternary acrylonitrile (AN) copolymers with methyl acrylate (MA) and either itaconic acid (IA, 1) or IA derivatives (monomethyl itaconate (2), monoethyl itaconate (3), IA monoamide (4), IA mono-n-octylamide (5)) were prepared in CO2. The obtained copolymers have good morphological and molecular weight characteristics. They demonstrate broad heat evolution during thermal cyclisation according to DSC measurements; therefore, they may be used to produce carbon fibres. The polymer yield per reaction volume is 2 to 3 times higher relative to that produced in solution (in DMSO or DMF) or an aqueous suspension.


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